Return Policy

Return Policy

When you purchase something from our store, as part of the buying and selling process, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address.

Chariot Plumbing Supply and Design's Return/Exchange policy is as stated below and exceptions to this policy should be approved by a manager. Chariot reserves the right to deny any return/exchange request as it sees fit. Chariot also reserves the right to retain and apply return credits toward an owed balance rather than issuing a refund. Chariot reserves the right to waive or alter the contents of this policy at any time without notice.

Chariot offers a 30 day return/exchange period on returnable items with accompanying receipt or other proof of purchase. All items being returned/exchanged must be in similar, or like new, condition as when purchased. Chariot will inspect the item upon its return to determine the state of the item. If the item is returned in a less than "like new" condition the restocking fee with be accessed accordingly.

Any item returned after 30 days will have a minimum of 25% restocking fee added to the credit. It must still be in similar, or like new, condition as when purchased, and proof of purchase must be provided.

After an item has been returned Chariot maintains a 48 hour processing period. During this time the return is reviewed and the proper paperwork is processed. During this period it is also assessed whether any of the funds will be retained due to open balances on the account. The accounting office is the only entity authorized within Chariot to issue refunds. Any inquiries as to your returns progress will be directed to the Accounting office.

Chariot does not accept returns under any circumstance for the following items:

If product is received damaged, Chariot must be notified within 48 hours of the receipt of the item of any and all damage to said product. If the product is damaged during shipping and the receiving company signs for the product, and Chariot is not notified in the previously mentioned time frame, Chariot is not responsible for the damaged product.

Chariot Return Procedure

Creating a Credit Memo

Credit memos are crucial in accurately accounting for our inventory and our cash flow.

Please carefully follow the instructions below when creating a credit memo.

Credits MUST be written if the product has left the building OR if the item has already been paid for. An invoice should NEVER be altered.

Credit memos should only be written up if the product is in front of you and you have personally inspected each item or if you have received pictures (from our long distance customers) of the damaged product. (Please see the Warranty Policy and Procedure attached). Make sure you communicate properly to your customer any fees that may be deducted at the time of the return.

Warranty Policy and Procedure

When an item is returned damaged there are specific procedures we have to follow to ensure that we are taking care of our customers in the most efficient way, and that Chariot is able to receive a full credit for the damaged product.

Blanco: The following information needs to be emailed to the Receiving Manager, so he can submit the RGA:

Elkay: The sink needs to be returned to us even if it is broken.

Oasis Porcelain: Pictures of the sink need to be sent to the Shipping Manager so a claim can be filed.

Faucets/Shower Trims: If parts to fix cannot be sent to the customer, the product must be returned. Check with the manufacturer's rep before taking specific action.

Kohler : Have the sink returned to us. Contact Standard or Stock Market to process the claim. The claim has to be processed within a week of receiving the sink back.

Franke: Any installed item from Franke must be handled directly by the customer with their customer service team. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any non-installed item can be returned to Chariot and the Receiving Manager will handle the RGA.

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